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:iconrascalwabbit:RascalWabbit posted a status
So my hard drive failed on Sunday . Im basically on hiatus till it's fixed. Potentially lost a lot of art. The tablet takes years to load DeviantArt so I really won't be getting on with it. Took me 45 minutes just to do my watering on Wednesday. Hope to get my PC up and running soon. I have NOT left just hard to get online

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pinleaf Featured By Owner 2 days ago   General Artist
This is so random and I'm am so sorry about that, but what was the type of hard drive that crashed, if I may ask :0?
If it's a disk drive, I'd recommend switching over to a solid state drive~ They're a lot less prone to crashing than their disk counterparts, but are a little more expensive for this reason.
i'm a computer major sorry for my tech nonsense i can't help it xD

Sorry to hear about this crash as well, I know how heartbreaking it feels to lose all your work ^^. Happened to me some years ago and I'm still reeling some days over the stuff I lost xD
lolo9494 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018
Oh no, that sucks!
I hope you didn’t lose anything, or that you manage to retrieve whatever’s lost when fixing the harddrive! (although I realize that might be a bit optimistic of me, but fingers crossed!) <3
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